Bio/Artist Statement

Michael Jones was born in Dallas, Texas, where he attended the famed Booker
T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts. He relocated to
Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 where he received his bachelor’s degree in Painting
and Sculpture from Atlanta College of Art (SCAD) in 1998. His focus was in non-objective, abstract paintings. Newer works deals with definitions which he uses mixed medium, collage, found objects in addition he operates within interior and exterior urban spaces and honor the mundane materials that filter through our
day to day lives.

My new work is driven by definitions of targets. A subject can be defined in many
ways given the environment it is placed, the situation it is in, or the context in
which it is used. I choose a target because it is the object at which efforts are
directed. It places nouns as the aim of attack. Targets can be anything, which
is why I feel the need to define them. Being an artist, I too am a target, since I
represent the art that will be the subject of your criticism.

The new work is process driven. The physical act of shooting the target starts
this process. I’m drawn to opposing things so the controlled randomness of the
bullets traveling through the background sets the perimeters for the procedures.
The gun becomes the first tool for marking or changing the surface of the target
which exploits the notion of where my efforts are directed or the subject of attack.
In addition found objects and mixed medium is added as a way for me to get
the audience involved but letting them create their own conclusion of what they
see in each target. Different pieces have themes that question one’s definition of
what or who a target is or can be.



Solo Shows

Sept 2014 “Moving Target” C4 Fuse Art Center Atl. Ga.
Jun 2013 Solo Show Monarch Plaza Atl. Ga.
Jan 2011 Solo Show Monarch Plaza Atl. Ga.
Mar 2009 “I am 75 Mixed Medium” Archive Gallery Atl. Ga.
Dec 2006 “Slide Show”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Nov 2006 “OPEN”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Jul 2006 “Intro to Pavement”, City Issues, Atl. Ga.
Mar 2006 “First Friday”, Tic Tock Room, Macon Ga.

Group Shows
May 2014 2014 Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala, Goat Farm Atl. Ga.
Jul 2011 “We Don’t Need Your Labels” Sous Whisky Marin Atl. Ga.
Jun 2011 “The Wood” Gallery M/ M Design Atl. Ga.
Nov 2007 “Something Old, Something New” House of Color Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Oct 2007 “Reason and Energy” Mutt Gallery, Dallas, TX.
Oct 2007 “Cider” Soda Salon, Atl. Ga.
Aug 2007 “East Atlanta Art Stroll”, 752 Moreland, Atl. Ga.
Jul 2007 “That Big Ass Art Party”, Wells Warehouse, Atl. Ga
Jun 2007 Starbucks Coffee, Atlanta Financial Center, Atl. Ga.
Jun 2007 “Meet the Artist”, A Better Picture, Cumming Ga.
Jun 2007 “Subtitled”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
May 2007 “Paint in the Pod”, Sundial Restaurant Westin, Atl. Ga.
Apr 2007 “Entitled”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Mar 2007 “Perceptive Perspective”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Mar 2007 “Celebration”, 433 C. Bishop, Atl. Ga.
Feb 2007 “Creative Calling”, 75 Mixed Medium Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Oct 2006 Fall Gallery Event, Soda Salon, Atl. Ga.
Oct 2006 Castleberry Hill Loft Tour, Atl. Ga.
Oct 2006 Art International Grand Opening, Atl. Ga.
Sep 2006 Youngblood Art Auction, Atl. Ga.
Jul 2006 “ATL C.D. Art Show”, 3Ten Hause Studio, Atl. Ga.
Apr 2006 “Affordable Art Market”, Romo Art Gallery, Atl. Ga.
Apr 2006 “Atlanta Voice of Independent Designers and Creative Artist”, Compound, Atl. Ga.
Nov 2005 Small Works Art Show, City Issues, Atl. Ga.
Nov 2005 Fall Gallery Event, Soda Salon, Roswell Ga.
Sep 2005 Starbucks Coffee, North Druid Hills, Atl. Ga.
Aug 2005 Sneaker Pimps, MJQ, Atl. Ga.
Apr 2005 Spring Gallery Event, Roswell Ga.
Sep 2004 Group Show, B – Complex, Atl. Ga.


Fulton County Arts
Daniel Corp.
A-R-T and Associates
Art Initiative Inc.
Johnson Studio
Pascals Restaurant
Garry Residence
Carter Residence
Parry Residence
Morton Residence
Sams Residence
White Residence
Oberstein Residence
Brooks Residence
Bonrude Residence
Cherry Residence
Shaw Residence
Love Residence
BFA in Painting and Sculpture, Atlanta College of Art, 1998

Michael Jones
404 543 6587

Fulton County Public Art Program’s Artist Registry


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